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Our Instructors

Calle Driving School Instructors are fully licensed by the State of New Jersey with extensive Behind the Wheel experience. We pride ourselves on providing a patient and supportive style when working with students of every age. Each instructor is mandated to have and pass a live scan (national fingerprint database) before they are hired by us,  and be approved by the DMV. Finally, we have an expectation that each of our instructors always acts in a professional and courteous manner when giving instruction. 

Drive with skill and safety

We offer an extensive range of driving lessons designed to teach driving safely and skillfully.  We understand that everyone learns at their own pace and our instructor can adapt to yours.

GDL Teen Courses (Ages 16) Cost $420 (6 hours)

In Class – 6 hours (not provided by Calle Driving School)
●  Behind-the-Wheel with Observation – 6 Hours 
Road Rules and Road Signs Tests for Learners’ License – 6 hours (included in lessons)

Concerned as your teen is preparing to get their license at age 16?

Don't worry! At Calle Driving School, we can guide you so that the process becomes easier for you and safe for them.

What is GDL?
GDL restrictions reduce young driver exposure to crash risk and save lives. Evidence according to research shows that there are two conditions that put a teen at the highest risk for being involved in a fatal crash: driving with other teens and driving at night. Calle Driving School teaches practical safety along with valuable driving skills.

  • By the law of New Jersey students must be 16 years old to get a driver’s permit
  • Students must pass the driver’s knowledge test at the high school
  • Only an authorized driving school can get the permit at the DMV
  • The student must pass the DMV vision test prior to taking the 6-hour behind the wheel training

Driver’s License Instruction Program Includes:

  • New Jersey Driver Permit Services – accompaniment to DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) with the student
  • Vision Test – accompaniment to DMV
  • 6-hours – Private Class (one by one instruction and behind the wheel training)
  • Driving in town traffic, residential areas, on the highway, and 3-point parallel parking

All of our cars are equipped according to driving school regulations

  • Dual brake
  • A/C, clean, well maintained, and safe for our students
  • Flexible schedule (free pick up from the house, school or work within the designated area)

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission requires the following to acquire a unique learner’s permit for all 16-year-olds. A Driving School can only obtain the permit. Please be prepared with the following items on the NJ Driver’s Permit Checklist:  

  • A Completed Permit application. Please note that parental authorization in the form is required by DMV
  • Original document of U.S. Birth Certificate, Green Card or US Passport. The Motor Vehicle Commission will not accept a photocopy
  • Social Security Card. Photocopies allowed
  • Original High School Scorecard (blue card)
  • Cash or Check payable to Calle Driving School LLC.
  • Please wear Glasses or Contact Lenses if you have been prescribed By the Doctor

Behind-the-Wheel Adult Instruction Only Cost $140/2 Hour

Experienced Instructor
Calle Driving School provides the car
For adults with driving permits
Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service Included
 We require a minimum of two lessons, most people use between three and five lessons
Ask for the packet for 6 hours and 8 and 10 hrs. + road test
Pick-up for Adult Lessons is available for additional fee if the student is out of the service area

Evaluation Drives Road test

●  1 hour long and road test with the rent car
●  2 hours long and road test with the rent car
●  Rent car

Price List

Item Total Price No. of Hours
Adult $ 140.00 2
Road Test & Car $ 340.00 4
Road Test & Car $ 460.00 6
Road Test & Car $ 560.00 8
Rent Car $ 90.00
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